My last post was back in August 2014, more than a year ago.  I found Robin Williams’ untimely death not only heart-breaking but having found a comic book soon after that referenced him only drove home the point how much he and his characters had entered our culture.  It inspired me enough to step away from the rest of my life to sit and write it out.

It’s funny how quickly time goes by.  Well, actually, it’s not funny.  It was funny 20 years ago.  Now it’s downright sad and frightening.  And although I spend most of my days trying to keep myself fed and sheltered, this part, the writer/creator part, continues to have a big impact on my life as well.  It’s not calling to me any less.  It’s just that the material world has a pact with the 24 hours of each day where it gets priority.

Which is why I’m so confounded as to how some people, a LOT of people, are able to spend so much time out…here (imagine me waving my arms in cyberspace).  Maybe it’s because of the type of work I do.  Maybe it’s because, right now, my non-writer work is just as important.  My worlds could collide, however, as there are questions and scenarios I want to explore.  But for right now, they are separate.

Anyway, I’ve been blathering on about writing a new book for the past few years.  And a couple of months ago I hit a milestone, meaning if I get my act together, I may actually get it published.  Now, whether anyone will ever know it’s been published is a different matter.  But I’m a creature of getting things accomplished.  So whether anyone else will care, I will care.  I need to finish what I start.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  It’s just a thing; no judgement.

I’ve given myself a deadline of getting this out sometime in April, though I’m still thinking through if that’s set in stone.  The title is still settling but it will be a book of short stories.  (Not sure if I’ll ever answer my friend’s question about what happened to Joseph in Cinderella Prophecy.  I do know what happen.  It’s just stuck in my head.)

For today, this last weekend in November, my near term goal involves writing, too.  Writing holiday cards so my friends and family realize that I do think about them, as well.  Even if I’m not on a lot of the popular social media sites to prove it.

Stay safe, be blessed, and happy holidays.