I’m not gonna lie, I hate coming back to this website. Yes, this one, my own website. Not because I dislike the color, format, or anything like that. But because it’s like having to look in the face of someone you made the same promise to over and over again and tell them that, no, you still haven’t fulfilled that promise. And come up with a whole new set of excuses as to why it didn’t happen THIS TIME. Like returning to a vacation home and removing the dust covers, I imagine. Except seeing that my last entry was a year and a half ago doesn’t make this return as joyful as prepping a vacation home for a week of leisure. (Again, I imagine…from having seen my share of Kate Hepburn movies.)

Except…this time, I’m staring in the face of that promise and finally delivering.

Moments of Projected Outbursts, a collection of 26 (well 27) entries I’ve written over the past 5 years has been released as an eBook for Kindle.

Reading through my last entry from November 2015, I state that I was going to try and get this out in April 2016. So what happened? As usual, life! Mainly the day job. And the day job is what keeps us all in a place to do things like this.

But in late January, I looked at when I started writing stories and at how the emergencies at the day job were quieting down and realized that five years was long enough. But I’ll say this; the extension gave me a chance to write a couple of extra entries that I feel are much better than the original stories. So, maybe it’ll be worth the wait.

I do have a bigger motivator for getting this out than just it lingering for five years, too. But I’m keeping my mouth shut for right now. Right now, I’m going to take a deep breath and get myself to realize that I finally got this out.

Oh!  If you’re looking for the real Table of Contents, you can find it on the MOIO page.