CP stands for “The Cinderella Prophecy.”


Originally it was a printed novel published in 2003. Currently, it’s electronic and available exclusively for the Kindle eBook platform at Amazon.

The Cinderella Prophecy is a story that came to mind as I was expanding my knowledge of religion and spirituality. Since these concepts are made by humans, I thought the easiest way to tell how different beliefs affect our lives was to use a family of witches. But I also had to keep myself interested in the story, so I tossed in the drama of everyday life. Mainly because few of us can actually escape it.

It’s not meant to be an academic research thesis or religious self-help. And despite its title, it also IS NOT CHILDREN’S LIT.

There are a lot of stories behind the story. And I’ll probably post them under the “CP” category.

If you’ve actually read the book, I’d be happy to hear from you. You can @ me on Twitter or ping me on Facebook.

And if you’re looking for volumes 2 and 3, well, they’re scattered between a few different computers and hard drives, waiting for me to find time between my day job and other creative pursuits to pull them together, fill in the gaps, and polish them up into something cohesive.

What I can say, without doubt, is that if you’ve actually made it to this page and read this far, my thanks for your time.