If you’re here, I’m going to make the first assumption that you arrived because of the video.

If you just happen to make it here by accident (or, is anything an accident?), that’s fine, too.

Either way, if you’re still reading, you’re probably wondering “Who or what IS Darwin?

There are lots of Darwins these days. But my Darwin is a smooth-haired dachshund who came to live with me a couple of years ago. I did not raise him from a puppy. I know very little of his background before then. Which is ok, because he doesn’t know mine, either. Darwin is special to me but no more special than anyone or anything that is loved by someone. All that’s going on here is how I express those feelings.


Learn more about Darwin with a free PDF.

The PDF can be used with Adobe Reader. It can also be read as an eBook if opened in iBooks for iPad or similar Mac mobile device or emailed to Kindle.

If bandwidth is a concern, you can choose from two sizes:


DarwinDeca_Cover DarwinDeca_Cover
The Darwin Decathlog (full)
[appx. 2.5 MBs]
First Shopping Trip
(1st official chapter)
[little over 800 KBs]


Please be aware that though this book is colorful and generally close to a ‘G’ rating, it’s told forthright (meaning I curse here and there) and not meant as children’s literature.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

P.S. for First gen iPad users: please see my post about a defect with the PDF.