“My goal is to get this published on Kindle by the end of 2014.”

Well, say hello to early 2017???

Moments of Projected Outbursts; short poems, short stories, and short talent

Due to the nature of how Kindle will ingest a document for an ebook, I had to take out all of this helper (and maybe overly chatty) text so that the ToC would hopefully show up in the digital readers.

So, friends, below is the Table of Contents page as I had originally intended which includes areas to help better identify the genre:



Have you ever been in the mood to take in one kind of genre, like binge watching your favorite half-hour comedy series, only to have it dive into something dramatic and preachy? You stay with it because you know and like the characters but it can be a downer. And what if you want something you can quickly read through?


As you’re kind enough to spend some of your time reading what my imagination is spilling over, I’d like to make it a little easier by tagging the tales and adding a word count. You’re definitely free to read in order or however you like. But if you read something of one type and are in the mood to read something similar, try following the tagging. Some entries may have more than one:



  • LS – Life Situation (Just circumstances, maybe weird or not, nothing “Twilight Zone” like…)
  • P – Poem
  • SF – Sci-Fi
  • SSF – Spiritual Sci-Fi (like Sci-Fi except assumes existence beyond this one life)


Tags are in parenthesis and word counts are in brackets.



  • Freewill (SSF) [1773]
  • Growth (SF) [1129]
  • Warming (P) [157]
  • Identifying (LS) [1978]
  • Tanatlis (SF) [1001]
  • Happiness (LS) [1152]
  • Deception (P) [173]
  • Boston (LS) [1137]
  • Youth (P) [130]
  • Lucre (SF) [3176]
  • Ownership (LS) [2264]
  • Visitor (SSF) [3412]
  • Enough (P) [106]
  • Psychoanalysis (LS) [909]
  • Muzzle (P) [130]
  • Quantum (SF) [3036]
  • Reproduction (SF) [5105]
  • Justice (LS/SF) [1706]
  • Affirmative (LS) [1931]
  • Confession (LS) [2318]
  • Kise’volsaem (P) [129]
  • Scream (P) [82]
  • Unborn (SSF) [1431]
  • Nobody (SF) [1191]
  • XchangeRate (SF) [20472]
  • Zones (SF) [1412]


Let’s get started…